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QuickBooks Online Advanced Pro Advisor

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a professional that has been trained, tested and recognized by Intuit. I am QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAdvisor and have more 5 years of experience with QuickBooks Online.


Xero Certified Advisor

Xero advisors are experienced bookkeepers and accountants listed on the Xero advisor directory (Xero website) who can provide regular financial advice and support. I am Xero Certified Advisor with more than 5 years experience with Xero.

Wave Accounting Expert

Wave is cloud based free accounting software specially designed for USA & CANADA. I am providing bookkeeping and accounting service for my client in Wave. I have lot of experience to manage books in wave accounting.

Client On Focus

I focus and emphasize on getting the business’s and its customer engagements to improve my services experience. I do have an approach for value-added services. I follow our client organizations’ values and ethics from the very initiation of projects to the end.

Techno Savvy

I treat strategies, technologies, and methodologies as tools in a Tool chest and use them whenever I meet with the practical solutions in them along with the desired results. I am using the best technologies such as Data warehousing, data mining, data analysis and data security.

24/7 Availability

I answer quickly to my clients’ requirements and issues without compromising on quality and with less turnaround time. This is what I achieve through the simplified process of decision making and improving controls mechanism.